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 With Cars 

With Trusted Strategies 
Even If You Have

With Trusted Strategies Even If You Have

No Cash,  No Credit or Your Own Vehicle 

CRG Is The Most Popular and Comprehensive
 Car Rental Program In The Nation !  


This Is The Most Popular and Comprehensive
 Car Rental Program In The Nation!  

Normal Price: $1,999

Normal Price: $1,999

Yes! Only $349 Today!

Yeserday's Price Is Not Todays Price :D 

Imagine Getting Paid To
 Drive Your Dream Car

Right now there is a high demand for personal car rental and if you know what you're doing you can eliminate your car note and mortgage renting your car to locals and tourists. And when you master these steps you'll be able to drive your dream car and actually get paid to do it!

Learn The 3 Steps To Grow Your Car Rental Business

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You Need To Succeed

Get Access To 
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All The Tools And Templates Needed To Operate and Manage Your Rental At A High Level

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Hey, it's CEO MattyJ.
 In 2017 I financed my first car ever. Within 1 year I quickly noticed that my car was parked more than it was driven. 

I realized that my home and car were my biggest payments and that my $1200/month Tesla Model S was being underutilized  (only being driven 10%-20% of the week) 

Instead of working to pay off my car, I decided to have my car work for me. 

What I did was research and list my car on  peer-to-peer Car Rental Marketplace  called Turo. Not only did my car get booked the same day, I net profited $900 my first month (June 2018) and then $2,700 in July the next month. This play completely changed my life.

I started with 1 car, then 4 then 33 and now have over 50 cars in my fleet.

By Gods grace, I documented the entire process and was blessed to  share the game with hundreds of thousands of everyday people, entrepreneurs and investors. Now it’s time for you to join the crew! 


Our 10 Fundamentals Of The Car Rental Game 

  • 1. How To Identify All Rental Opportunities
  • 2. How To Research, Plan, Start, Pivot and Exit
  • 3. How To Get Profitable Cars To Rent-out The Smart Way
  • 4. How To Insure Vehicles In All Situations
  • 5. How To Protect Cars & Check In Guest
  • 6. How To Build A Power Team and Management Systems
  • 7. How To Build A Network Of Suppliers
  • 8. How To Get Client’s and Keep Them
  • 9. How To De-fleet, Re-fleet and Sell Cars
  • 10. How To Evaluate Your Stats & Numbers

The Opportunities 
Are Endless

The Opportunities 
Are Endless

The Top Reasons Why Members Joined The Program


  • Gain the freedom drive any one of your dream cars for free
  • Earn cash flow to pay for a more fun and expensive lifestyle
  • Have ownership in a  winning and respected business
  • Level up your status as the go-to person for car rentals
  • Leverage cars to open doors to work with of influential people
  • Work in an industry you actually enjoy


  • Learn, master and develop new soft + hard skills
  • Gather info and be an expert in the car rental industry
  • Tap into a bigger picture and transition out of work you no longer want to do
  • Be apart of new innovative ways to make income with tech


  • Execute strategies to earn cash flow to fund another business
  • Follow a step by step system to turn liabilities into assets
  • Develop and follow a structured process of a business


  • Generate cash flow to be able to be more charitable
  • Help others make money with underutilized vehicles
  • Be able to provide job opportunities and unite teams
  • Bond with family (wife, kids, siblings, parents)
  • Build a business that can be gifted and passed down

We Help You Get 
Started With The Right 
Operational Model

  • Investor - Earn income by positioning yourself to help invest in an Operator of a Car Rental Company
  • Broker - Earn income  becoming middleman between other people's vehicles and people who want to rent them
  • Employer - Rent a vehicle to people who use the car to generate income for themselves (delivery gigs)
  • Owner Operator - Acquire a vehicle for the purpose to rent out to friends, family, associates, and/or new rental clients
  • Partner - Share ownership, risks and rewards to start, grow and scale the rental operation leveraging a partners vehicle, cash, relationships, experience, and/or credit
  • Joint Venture - Help two established entities partner to combine efforts, share costs, and resources towards a specific project or business goal in the car rental industry
  • Independent Contractor - Help you position yourself to provide a service to someone in the Car Rental Industry (manage cars, consultant, detailing, rent parking lot)
  • Co-Sharer - Help you own a personal vehicle that you also rent out on the side to subside costs and earn extra cash flow (during vacations, while on military duty, while at work, weekends, holidays, and even weeks you may be feeling ill )

Build Your Driveway

IF YOU’RE ANYTHING LIKE ME...You’re not looking to become a millionaire overnight but realize an opportunity for growth! Most people have no idea that they are literally driving an income stream everyday. It's like real estate on wheels. So instead of working to pay your car note, what if your car could not only pay itself off but also pay you!
"Matty J not only built a successful car rental business, he is also one of the best teachers to show you how to duplicate his success!"- David Shands
Look At What Our Program Alumni and Playmakers Are Saying:
"I haven't had a car note since 2016!"
"I started in this car rental game with bad credit and no money. My bro @ceomattyj showed me how to broker cars and do JVs. I just been running the play and haven't had a car note since 2016." - @ItsPrincessDior
"Grossing $1,691.50 on that 1st private booking."
"Took the program. Decided to test out the biz. So I got 10 cars in 30 days... Got one for the Model X and grossing $1,691.50 on that first private booking. Making waaaay more than having it listed on Turo. - @DolmarCross
"I needed the knowledge and he gave it to me!"
"I need some game and he gave it to me and vice versa ...Because when you're up it doesn't matter. Iron sharpens iron.

Some Quick Game!
Steve Harvey On Team Work.
The Steps To Renting Out A Car.
Extra Fees That You Can Make.

Learn From The Leading Turo & Car Rental Coach In The Industry

Our job is to help you understand the car industry and all its opportunities in the rental space. Helping you Get it, Want It and have the Capacity to Run It (GWC).
Concerns That 
Your Greatness
  • NO EXPERIENCE: I don’t have any experience in the industry
    Have you ever been denied a job because you didn't have enough experience? Well guess what?!  THAT’S EXACTLY WHY WE CREATED CRG…  when you join the program,  you learn as you go and earn as you grow! Let's run the play together. 
  • NO CREDIT: I don’t have a good car credit score
    THE BEST PART ABOUT IT IS…..with CRG all you need is credibility! The ability to be trusted to run the play as a team. Low credit score? No problem. In the program we share gems on how to purchase cash cars and/or partner with people with amazing credit scores while you build your credit score.
  • NO MONEY: I don't have the money to start the business
    THIS IS WHY EVERYONE IS DOING IT. I know there's people that teach that you don't need money, you don't need your left arm, you don't need anything (LOL). However you’ll find out quickly with  CRG, we share gems on how to leverage credit and partner with investors who have the funding so you don't have to worry about not having or not wanting to use your own funds.
  • NO CAR: I don’t have any cars that I can rent out
    THIS IS HOW IT WORKS….You may not have a car but what about your family members? What about your friends? Neighbors? Co-workers? Other Car Rental Companies? Trust and believe in the CRG program we share gems on how to find people with underutilized vehicles that you can broker and/or partner  with to earn income! Relationships are the ships that win championships and we share exactly how! 
  • NO TIME: I don’t have the time to manage or operate the business
    You may have other endeavors, priorities and responsibilities. We 100% understand and believe time is the most precious and valuable gift given to mankind! This is why we share all the gems on how to unite, hire teams, create systems and partner with someone who has the time, the competency, the will and experience to help you manage your rentals. We can't spell community without unity!
  • NO MARKETING: I don't know how to get rental clients 
    We share over 20 different marketing strategies that allow you to turn lookers into bookers! Every week on Monday nights  we share resource guides and case studies on how our members get clients via turo, peer to peer platforms, social media, facebook marketplace, yard signs, partnerships with hotels + more 
  • STORIES: I’ve heard bad experiences & I don't want that to happen to me 
    "Mishaps", "mistakes", "obstacles" and "losses" are inevietable, preventable and more importantly fixable! It will happen in every business. The key is to be a part of a community who shares common experiences and helps you prepare for them (stolen cars, damage claims, late renters etc).
  • NOT IN BEST MARKET: I’m not in the "hot" markets like Miami, LA, Vegas 
    Sometimes it’s not about being in the best market but rather being the one who markets the best! We share gems on how to find the right cars for the roads near you and even how to partner with other hosts and ship your cars to other cities during peak seasons. In the car rental space…. If it has wheels it can make a deal.
  • I'M TOO LATE : Everyone else is doing it before me
    Remember, it’s not about who does it first but rather who doesn’t it the best! Our program shows how to identify and present your unique offer so you stand out in the market! 
  • IT'S A FAD: This opportunity will not last long .. it's just a trend
    Listen! As long as cars are a number 1 means of transportation there's always going to people who need to rent them and now it's never been a better time to start!  "You don't have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great"
  • FEAR OF FAILURE: I don’t want to experience shame, embarrassment, disappointment, regret, and sadness.
    Failure is when we get overwhelmed, lose hope, lose confidence and give up. Our program is fundamentally built on a community based movement with hundreds of members able and more than willing to support fellow members academically, emotionally, mentally and financially! Failure gives up, winners unite and stay down
  • NO TOOLS: I don't know what tech and systems to use
    Members are provided with the latest tools that help us all stay in the know and up to date with all the industry resources needed so we can run a smooth and peaceful business 
  • NO FOLLOWING: I don't have a large following, views or brand presence
    Our CRG team members don't need a following to get clients.  We share an abundance of gems on how we leverage OPN ( Other Peoples Network’s) to attract a new audience and build our clientele.  
  • DON’T KNOW HOW: I don't know anything about this industry
    This is exactly why we are here! To eliminate the unknown and provide the inspiration, motivation, education and instruction that leads to the activation! 
  • NO URGENCY: This isn't important for me right now.
    When the job stops, the bills still rock and If you're not tired of missing car notes, ducking from the repo man, missing out on extra cash flow that you can use for vacations, food, pay other bills then I understand the lack of urgency but if you're interested in being apart of the real estate on wheels movement. Join us on our journey to upgrade our Mindset, Skills, Relationships, Impact, Influence, Energy, Health, Appearance, Income, Wealth, Freedom of Time, Lifestyle and Increase Our Peace & HAPPINESS Today! Not Tomorrow...Today!
Strategies You Will Learn:
1) How To Manage And Operate A Car Rental Business
2) How To Buy Cars At Auctions Without A Dealers License
3) How To Get And Rent Cars With Zero Credit Or Cash
4) How To Generate Cashflow With Other Peoples Cars
5) How To Protect Your Assets From Being Stolen
6) How To Buy Cars Under Your Business Without Reporting Your Personal Name
Enroll In 'The Car Rental Game' Training Now! (And Get All Your Free Bonuses)
  • The Car Rental Club™ Daily Do Checklist 
  • The Car Rental Game Club™ Private Student Community
  • Car Rental Agreements
  • Car Rental Business Case Study
  • The Check-In/Check Out Process
  • Insurance Claim To-Do-List 
  • Exactly What To Say To Customers 
  • Demand Letter Template
  • How To Never Miss Or Even Pay For A Car Note Ever Again
  • How To Drive Your Dream Car For Free
  • Leveraging Credit Into Cars That Turn Into Cash Flow
  • How To Buy Cars With No Interest For 1 Year
  • How To Beat Depreciation Costs On Care
  • How To Hire And Delegate Others To Run The Business For You
  • How To Generate Cash Flow With Other Peoples Cars
  • How To Buy Cars Under Your Business Without Reporting In Personal Name
  • How To Buy New Or Used Cars At Dealerships Without Getting Finessed And Stressed
  • How To Find People Who Will Pay You Monthly To Rent Your Vehicle Long Term
  • How To Buy Cars At Auctions With No Dealers License
  • How To Get Financing Approved For Any Exotic Car
  • How To Avoid Annoying Car Salesman, Dealer Spam, And Telemarketing Calls
  • How To Find, Buy And Drive Undervalued Cars And Flip Them
  • The Connects On Maintenance, Parts, Labor, And Repairs
  • Where To Find Quality Vehicles
  • How To Handle Insurance Car Accidents
  • How To Market Your Brand And Business
  • How To Protect Your Assets From Being Stolen + MORE
Enroll TODAY And Exclusive Bonuses:
  • FREE Vehicle Analysis Tool  
  • FREE Car Depreciation Calculator  

Total Value: $25,000

Normal Price: $1,999

TODAY: $349

Are You Ready To Get Started Earning Income In The Car Rental Industry?

The car rental industry is growing like crazy and entrepreneurs are learning how to create a consistent stream of income without having any experience, cash, or knowledge. Here is your chance to get in one of the hottest growing markets and learn from one of the best!